Amphion Amp100 stereo

Studio Monitors – The ideal companion for Amphion’s One12, One15, and One18 studio monitors, the Amp100 stereo power amplifier offers you the clarity, depth, and consistent performance you wish to have to make accurate decisions when you find yourself mixing and mastering. And when we say clarity, we mean it – the Amp100 stereo will provide you with a transparent, musical sound that is virtually free from distortion, thanks to its inclusion of AMS (adaptive modulation servo) technology. At Gearnuts, we’re picky about sound, and we will assure you – the Amphion Amp100 stereo power amplifier delivers a in point of fact first-class listening experience!Amphion Amp100 stereo Power Amplifier Features at a Glance:AMS (adaptive modulation servo) technology delivers distortion-free sound100kHz load-independent frequency range (-3dB)115dB of dynamic range and flat response in terms of harmonic distortionOutput impedance?is not up to 10 milliohms from 20Hz to 20kHzDifferential inputs with 0.1% resistors for improved common-mode rejection ratioAutomatic voltage doubler for universal mainsEuP- and Energy Star-compliantDurable, high-quality aluminium rack casingEnjoy a firstclass listening experience with the Amphion Amp100 stereo power amplifier! Monitor Amplifiers


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