TSA1000 – Digital Audio Volume Controller

TSA1000 is a Bluetooth/Single-ended audio volume controller board. It may works with Tinysine TSA7499 Bluetooth audio amplifier board and regulate the audio volume by rotating an actual knob. Either the Bluetooth audio supply or cable input(Single-ended) audio supply will also be adjusted by this small knob.

It has a single-ended audio supply in port, a single-ended audio supply output port and a bluetooth audio volume regulate port. The audio out signal will building up/lower when user rotating the knob, Bluetooth audio volume regulate port may also output an building up/lower regulate signal.

– Size: 5cm x 3.8cm
– Bluetooth audio volume control
– Singal-ended audio volume control
– External audio volume knob
– Working voltage: DC5V

– Private computer
– Background music system
– Musical instrument amplifiers
– Home DIY
– Automobile audio


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