TASCAM MF-P01 4 Track Cassette Recorder

* Records one track at a time
* Level and Pan control on each of 4 tracks
* Headphone out with level

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In case you are just getting into recording your own music, the MF-P01 is The easiest Portastudio for you. The usage of the MF-P01 couldn’t be easier … just pop in a standard cassette tape, plug in your instrument, make a choice the track you need and hit “Record”. You have four tracks to work with, so recording your drum machine, guitar, vocals and keyboard is no problem. Plus, the MF-P01 is the most inexpensive Portastudio ever made in TASCAM’s long history of creating the most innovative audio products for everyone from musicians to the perfect world-class studios. In case you are a creative musician and need to get into the art of multitrack recording, this is the most efficient place to start. Highlights: The easiest Portastudio for musicians and novice recordists. 4-track multitrack recorder. Uses inexpensive standard cassette tapes. Records one track at a time with classic warm analog sound. Includes headphone output.
* Records one track at a time
* Level and Pan regulate on every of 4 tracks
* Headphone out with level
* Input/master level LEDs


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