Sony Tcm400dv Standard Cassette Tape Voice Recorder: Tcm-400dv

Double Recording Time will give you the option of recording on a standard cassette at either normal speed or half the normal speed, for extended recording or dictation sessions
l Voice Operated Recording activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating soundless passages
l External Microphone Jack allows connection of an external microphone for special recording applications
l Playback Speed Keep an eye on allows you to adjust playing speed as much as +30% or -15% for easier review of recorded information
l Long Battery Life – 20 Hours is made conceivable by advanced technology which extends battery power beyond previous limits
l Built-In Flat Mic provides convenient recording versatility in quite a lot of situations
l Battery Indicator with Alert LED confirms battery operation and alerts you of low battery power with flashing LED
l Clear VoiceTM Recording System sound system enhances voice quality throughout recording and playback for greater clarity
l Automatic Shut-Off at End of Tape helps reduce mechanical wear, reduces battery consumption, and allows you to know when you’ve got reached the end of the tape
l One Touch Record From Playback for simplified quick play/record operation
l Sony-Matic® Automatic Recording Level Keep an eye on uses advanced circuitry to make sure correct recording level
l L/R Monaural Earphone Jack provide sound in both ears when the use of an optional stereo headset
l Cue and Review Function provides sound throughout fast forward and rewind modes to help find specific passages
l 3-Digit Tape Counter makes it easy to find a specific location on the tape, for rapid access and editing
l Stop/Pause Release Function automatically turns off the pause switch whenever the stop button is pressed, to prevent loss of recording
l 3V DC-In Jack permits two-way power operation, the use of available replaceable batteries or optional AC power adapter


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