Pyle PTA1000 1000W Professional Power Amplifier

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
2-channel bridgeable
110/220 volt switchable

Channels idgeableSpeaker/Terminal Connection,And SPEAK ON. Double Cooling Fan one hundred ten/220 Volt Switchable 2×5 LED Input Degree Indicator Overload and Coverage Indicator Signal/Noise ratio:=102dB Frequency reaction:20Hz-20KHz not up to±zero.5dB input impedance: stability 20KO Input Degree:+4dB Overall Energy 1000 Watts
Frequency reaction: 20Hz-20kHz
2-channel bridgeable
one hundred ten/220 volt switchable
Double cooling fan
Overload and Coverage indicator
Frequency reaction of 20Hz-20kHz
2-channel bridgeable
one hundred ten/220-volt switchable Energy input
Double cooling fan prevents overheating
Overload and Coverage indicator


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