Pyle-Pro PDS432 Studio Monitor

2 Inch Cloth Diaphragm – 30 oz. Magnet
2 Inch High-Temperature Voice Coil – 8 Ohm Impedance
500 Watts Max.

This Top energy tweeter compression horn will get you upper than Top! With a 2 Inches Top-temperature voice coil, 30 ounces. magnet, and 500 watts most energy, you’ll get the crispest, so much correct highs imaginable with brand new speaker technology. 8 ohm impedance.
2 Inch Material Diaphragm – 30 ounces. Magnet
2 Inch Top-Temperature Voice Coil – 8 Ohm Impedance
500 Watts Max.
Frequency Response: 400 Hz – 9000 Hz
SPL: 102dB (1W/1M)


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