Mackie Big Knob Desktop Studio Monitor System

Mackie?s Big Knob allows you to easily switch between studio monitors, stereo sources, and even send musicians their own custom headphone mixes, all from your desktop.
You asked for it. Your band asked for it. Your clients asked for it. Your mom practically asked for it. Since the dawn of computer-based music making, folks have longed for a simple monitor switching and level Keep watch over box with built-in Talkback functions. You know, something that sits right on your desktop, letting you easily switch between sets of studio monitors and different stereo sources. And send musicians custom headphone mixes even as you communicate with them via a built-in Talkback microphone. Your wish is our command…

Introducing The Big Knob
The Big Knob is a simple yet powerful desktop audio Keep watch over center that lets musicians and engineers get right to the business of making music in four major ways: Level Keep watch over, Studio Monitor Selection, Input Source Selection and Talkback & Headphone Keep watch over.

Precise Level Control
The usage of a big, convenient volume knob, Big Knob allows you to adjust volume levels the way our ancient audio ancestors (Analogus Engineerus) did – with a simple, intuitive knob, not with a mouse and screen. The end result is a higher degree of precision and much quicker level adjustments.

Monitor Selection
In relation to mixing, pros comprehend it’s best to get a second, and third, opinion. So Big Knob allows you to quickly switch between 3 pairs of studio monitors, or 2 studio monitors and a subwoofer, or studio monitors and a home stereo, or any other combination of powered speakers.

Source Selection
On the input side, Big Knob allows you to connect up to 4 stereo input sources at once. This means You’ll be able to concurrently connect to your computer/DAW outputs, CD player, cassette deck and even a turntable The usage of the premium onboard RIAA preamp. You’ll be able to even connect keyboards, guitars, drum machines, samplers – anything you’d like to hear – through your monitors. This makes Big Knob great for comparing your mixes-in-progress to your favorite CDs, for archiving your old LPs, jamming along to your favorite tune, and lots more.

Talkback Section & Headphone Control
With its built-in Talkback mic and spring-loaded activation switches, Big Knob allows you to quickly communicate with musicians in both the studio and tracking room – no more hand signals through the glass! Big Knob also sports two high-powered headphone outputs with a discrete headphone mix bus, solving the communications needs of most computer-based studios.

All the Right Connections
Despite the fact that its shiny silver knob is a head-turning feature, Big Knob’s rear panel is equally impressive. There you’ll find three distinct Monitor outputs with individual level Keep watch over; 2-Track A and 2-Track B stereo outputs with level selection switches; a DAW stereo output for your computer; a Studio output with level Keep watch over; a Phones Mix input with level selection switch; 2-Track A and 2-Track B Stereo Source inputs with level Keep watch over; a DAW Mix input from your computer with level Keep watch over; and even a Phono input with level Keep watch over for direct connection to your turntable.

Sound Quality
Because Big Knob plays a crucial link between recording output(s) and studio monitors, we placed the utmost importance on pristine, no-compromise sound quality. For this reason, Big Knob features ultra low-noise op amps, extremely low-tolerance components and cutting-edge surface mount technology. All of this ensures superb sound in critical listening environments and long-term reliability – even under daily, and nightly, studio use.


  • Tabletop level Keep watch over / monitor switcher / source selector & talkback box
  • Big, convenient volume knob for precise level adjustments
  • Switch amongst 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Built-in Talkback microphone for easy communication with musicians
  • Monitor 4 independent Stereo inputs including one for your
  • Dual Headphone outputs with independent volume controls and headphone mix bus
  • Phono preamp for direct turntable connection
  • High-end studio sound quality and robust construction
  • Perfect for computer-based studios
  • Humorous product name ensures years of off-color studio humor


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