Kenton Thru 25

Receives MIDI data from a single MIDI OUT (e.g. sequencer or master keyboard) and produces similar copies on the 25 MIDI THRU sockets. These can then be connected to the MIDI INs of sound modules or other devices which require MIDI signals sent to them.

Prime quality Kenton MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI In and separate drive for every MIDI Out. Powered from a mains adaptor (wall wart) so you’ll be able to fit and overlook.

1 MIDI In & 25 MIDI Thrus
Works for ALL MIDI messages including Clock, SysEx, MTC and the like.
Includes schmitt trigger logic for signal quality restoration
Lower than one microsecond latency
DC power input jack 2.1mm (centre +ve)
Power/Data indicator light
Housed in a metal box so it may well face up to the knocks
Attractively finished in brushed aluminium with black screen print


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