FOCAL Alpha 50 Studio Monitor (Single)

– Why you wish to have the Focal Pro Alpha65 6.5 Inch Active Studio Monitor
• Compact and powerful- Perfect for your studio
• Low directivity- assists in keeping the same sound no matter where you are in the room
• Tonal Balance doesn’t change with an increase or decrease in volume
• You’ll be able to connect up to two additional audio sources
• Uses less power than other studio monitors
• Has a frequency response of 40Hz to 22kHz.
The Focal Pro Alpha65 6.5 Inch Active Studio Monitor is a single active monitor that may be perfect for mixing any genre of music in the studio. The 6.5 inch woofer/midrange speaker has a Polyglass cone in a big laminar port and 1 inch aluminum inverted dome tweeter. The Woofer has a 70W amplifier associated with it and the tweeter has a 35W amplifier with a frequency response of 40Hz to 22kHz. It also features to large front ports, 2 continuously active XLR and RCA inputs and adjustable bass and treble levels on the rear. It even has an automatic standby mode with a purpose to robotically turn them off when inactive after 30 minutes. The finish is a sleek vinyl and black paint that goes with any studio decor. Only weighing 20.7 lbs a piece, this lightweight monitor is the easiest addition to your home studio. Get yours today because they’re going fast!


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