FJH Music Measures of Success Trumpet Book 1

Measures of Success is divided into six chapters (Opus 1 through 6). Every “Opus” is followed by a full-page assessment. Students may be able to attain achievable benchmarks all the way through the method, which keeps them motivated, excited, and playing their instruments.Music history is presented concurrently with art, literature, and world history, giving students a broad picture of social and artistic events of a certain period of time. Composer pictures, artists, paintings, authors, literary works, world history, and fun facts are presented all the way through the method. This strongly supports the National Standards and encourages cross-disciplinary study in music education. Best of all, it is contained in the text so directors do not want to do additional research.PLAY-ALONG CDS: A NEW LEVEL OF ACCOMPANIMENTAll exercises are played twice by professional musicians-first with the student line, then the accompaniment alone. Accompaniments include live musicians, improbable orchestrations, and all kinds of styles including concert band, full orchestra, rock, Latin, jazz, funk, country, electronic, and world music. Classical pieces are presented with accompaniments that put them in their original context. Percussion-specific CDs let percussionists hear a characteristic sound of each and every Instrument at the same time as the winds are moved into the background.Book 1:Unique chapter organization provides a goal-oriented format6 full-page assessments include:Critical Listening Playing By Ear Theory and Terminology Composing / Arranging PerformanceWealth of classical and world music representing over 20 composers and 17 countries15 pieces for full bandDuets, rounds, & 2 solos with piano accompaniment2 Play-Along CDs feature demo and performancetracks with professional musiciansFeatured in SmartMusic, the award-winning learning softwareCorrelates with art and world historyIncorpor


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