EVE Audio SC305 3-Way 5″ Active Studio Monitor (Single)

The SC305 is the first model of our three-way system monitors, which was carefully designed to be equally comfortable and precise in a stereo or surround set up. In the latter case, the SC305 will work perfectly as a center channel, if we’re talking about a smaller system. The SC305 combines the power from three different amplifiers to deliver a very efficient, dynamic and low noise sound reproduction. With its moderate size and superb technical characteristics, the SC305 model has virtually no competition available on the market today. Don’t miss the chance and check them out for yourself! Tech TalkEVE’s three-way systems are designed around the concept to distribute the frequencies properly between all individual components and raise the efficiency of your speakers effectively. With the SC305 probably the most woofers is delivering sound only up to 350 Hz, functioning as one of those “bass woofer”. The other woofer provides you with a fuller range up to the 3000 Hz crossover frequency as a bass-midrange driver. This means less effective physical work being made by each individual woofer, which in turn will result in less mechanical inertia and a more efficient sound transmission. Both woofers consist of EVE’s proprietary 5″ SilverCone, the same that is used in the smaller SC205 model. Then again, because of the truth that two of these woofers are being used concurrently, you get a bigger frequency response – down to 50 Hz. The SC305 also makes use of the proprietary AMT RS3 tweeter, which uses a bigger front plate and a bigger internal magnet to drive the AMT tweeter with greater efficiency. The three 50 W PWM power amplifiers won’t leave you lacking any power either. All in all, the SC305 it will be regarded as the single most detailed three-way monitor speaker available in the market for its specific size and price range. And no worries determining how to place the SC305 in your room or studio properly. The DSP section will assist you in choosing the speaker for left and right ha


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