Dean Custom Zone Bass, Flourecent Pink

Basswood Top
Bolt-On Neck
Maple Fingerboard

Dean Custom Zone Solid Body Electric Bass guitars are sleek NEW designs, sensuous curves with Classic Dean playability make these a will have to have for any serious rocker! The Custom Zone sports a thorough body color with matching neck. This Split Pickup Dean Bass has a light-weight Basswood body, Maple neck and fingerboard. The Dean Zone Bass Guitar is an unruly axe with stunning colors and a sensuous alder body. The maple fingerboard color matches the body and has black block markers and 20 frets. Split pickups and black hardware. Nobody can say you have got “”just every other bass.”” Dean Custom Zone 4-String Bass Guitar features come with color matching fingerboard Widespread neck contour split pickup bolt-on construction and black hardware
Basswood Most sensible
Bolt-On Neck
Maple Fingerboard
Black Hardware
Basswood Body
Color matching fingerboard
Widespread neck contour
Bolt-on construction


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