CYC Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Mahogany Aquila Strings-Beginner Kit:Bag + Straps + Picks

TOP: AAA mahogany
Back: AAA mahogany
Side: AAA mahogany
Neck: AAA mahogany
Fingerboard: AAA Rosewood Indonesia
Bridge: AAA Rosewood Indonesia
Tuners: chrome – closed (dust)
String: Aquila, Italy
The nut: cow bone
Color: Black
Size: 23 Inch (Concert Ukulele)
Packaging: Ukulele * 1, Bag * 1, Picks * 2, Straps * 1 (Random Color).

& With a view to achieve better resonance effect, the usage of ‘open effect paint, hand-polished 258 times.
And each guitar is the result of years of drying wood, be sure that each instrument has excellent sound.

& Suitable for solo playing and singing, karaoke, entertainment your leisure time

& UKULELE is the easiest to learn musical instruments, personal use and gifts are a good choice.
Light and small body, the most suitable for the child’s music teacher.

! Note:
In order not to be damaged all the way through transport, it would be to calm down the string;
When you first start, you want multiple tuning to reach the best results.
(Ductility strong nylon material, place too long want to re-adjust).

Have any questions about the course, please contact us and we can be happy to serve you.


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