Auphonix Shock Mount For Blue Yeti Microphone

Even supposing the Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone, if left on its desktop stand it is going to pick up each noise from your desk. Your entire keyboard thumps and mouse movements are transmitted directly to the microphone, and can ruin your recording.

A shock mount is absolutely vital to isolate the microphone from the noise, vibration and shock. It suspends the microphone on elastic bands, which dissipate any vibration. Leaving you with a pure recording of your podcast, voiceover or making a song. No need for any post-recording work. The problem is solved acoustically slightly than electronically.

Your Auphonix Shock Mount for Blue Yeti microphones provides you with a professional sound, without taking up all of the space that the Radius takes up. It’s made of plastic and due to this fact is light and easily transportable.

This shock mount comes with an adapter thread to fit all standard microphone arms.

So, fix Your entire Blue Yeti microphone recording problems now with this lightweight and affordable shock mount.


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