Allora AATR-101 Bb Trumpet AATR101S Silver

The modest price of the Allora AATR-101 Student Series Bb Trumpet means that virtually each student trumpeter can enjoy the pride of owning their own instrument. From the standpoint of playability, the Allora AATR-101 trumpet’s large bore contributes to easy playing, and its red brass leadpipe and bell keep response warm and tone production well centered. Beginners will find the Allora AATR-101 a very simple trumpet on which to be informed.Allora equips the AATR-101 student trumpet with Monel valves-stronger than steel with outstanding corrosion resistance-keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. Other features that make the Allora AATR-101 the right trumpet for a student are the thumb saddle on the first valve and a fixed finger ring on the third valve. These enhancements give players a more safe grip so we can be extra welcome to novice performers. Allora also includes a molded case to give protection to your trumpet investment and a 7C mouthpiece so we can make getting began even easier. To be had finishes include lacquer (AATR-101) or silver (AATR-101S).Allora wants to help students start their music careers with excellent instruments at prices their parents can come up with the money for. Allora’s stringent standards for proper intonation, comfortable playability, and mechanical reliability make their instruments ideal as alternatives to renting.


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