Adam Audio A77X – Right, Single

The Adam Audio A77X, as a result of itsoutstanding features, might turn out to be a true game changer: Equipped withthe same advanced technologies as the A7X, it due to this fact is very similarto the two-way speaker. The A77X, then again, distinguishes itself by muchhigher, compression-free maximum sound pressure levels and dynamics. Dueto its power and radiation characteristics, it also is perfectly suitedfor both near- and midfield monitoring.

Driver technology
Like all models of the AX series, the A77X features the ADAM proprietaryX-ART tweeter. The X stands for eXtended frequency response andthus for one of the crucial features of the Accelerating Ribbon Technology thathas been drastically improved: the frequency response. It now extendsall the way up to 50kHz. In addition, the X-ART tweeter has higherefficiency and higher maximum sound pressure levels.

The two 7 woofers are identical with that of the A7X. With their largevoice coils (1.5) and powerful amplifiers, they’re capable of bothvery high maximum sound pressure levels in addition to very deep registers.The woofers do not cover the same frequency bands: at the same time as both of themare responsible for the (sub-) bass frequencies up to about 400Hz, onlyone of them reproduces the midrange. This prevents interferences betweenthe two drivers.

Amplifiers / controls
Each driver has its own dedicated amplifier. A 50W A/B amp isresponsible for the X-ART tweeter, at the same time as the bass-/midwoofers are drivenby a 100W PWM amp each. The front panel includes a power switch and acontrol for the volume that retains the volume setting independentlyfrom the on/off switch.

The rear panel features several additional controls: a gain for the highfrequencies (± 4dB) and two shelf filters for low and high frequencies.
To verify greater compatibility, there are both XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors.


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