JoJo Mayer Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD Foot Technique


With this sequel to his award winning bestseller to be had technique, Jojo Mayer presents probably the most comprehensive guide on foot technique for drummers ever to be had. Covering a variety of techniques, from probably the most fundamental to probably the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art visualization and in-depth analysis offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drummers of each skill level. Highly entertaining and informative, Jojo explains each aspect of foot technique and pedals and for first time reveals the inner workings of his own technique in great detail. Contents: introduction – basic option to foot technique bass drum technique fundamentals: the heel down technique – the heel up technique / basics – heel down vs. Heel up – playing in vs. out of the bass drum – the pivot bass drum hybrid techniques: double strokes – the constant release technique – exploiting rebound / dislocated spring exercise – the rocking motion – the swiveling technique – the heel toe technique – the mayer power slide technique – grouping exercises – the moeller pumping motion talk shop: history of bass drum pedals – anatomy of the bass drum pedal – adjusting the bass drum pedal – bass drum and pedal set up – the very best balance pedal – shoes – my secret weapon: the no friction approach – single vs. Double pedal the hi hat: hi hat history – hi hat anatomy / set up and adjustment – hi hat technique / basics – splashing – hybrid techniques for hi hat – double stroke technique for hi hat chops factory: speed – keep watch over -managing beater flutter balance: the drum seat – seat height and posture foot coordination: single stroke coordination – double stroke coordination – epilogue plus: additional bonus material, tips and performance clips


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