Gator GU-1711-06-WPDF – 17″ x 11.8″ x 6.4″ Diced Foam


Protect the gear you love with a waterproof Gator GU-1711-06-WPDF hardshell utility case. Built to military specifications to keep your gear secure and dry, even at the bottom of a pool, the Gator GU-1711-06-WPDF offers you one of the crucial best protection against routine disasters you might want to believe. Outside, its ultra-tough, ultra-lightweight NK-7 resin shell deflects bumps and hard have an effect on easily, as the customizable puzzle foam within gently cradles your equipment, protecting it from serious shock. A cushioned take care of makes carrying the GU-1711-06-WPDF as comfortable as conceivable too, and you’ll easily lock your case with just about any standard padlock. So, if you’ll’t have the funds for to let anything happen to your valuable gear, then the Gator GU-1711-06-WPDF from is one sound investment you will want to make.


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