Etymotic Research MC5 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones


Etymotic Research has created the sector’s such a lot accurate sounding, noise-isolating earphone series for under $one hundred. For music lovers who care about hearing their music the best way it’s meant to be heard. The mc5 earphone delivers the most productive sound accuracy in its class, so you can hear tight, accurate bass with crystal clear high-frequency detail at all listening levels. The mc5 delivers the most productive noise isolation in its class, the most productive fit and comfort in its class and the most productive-in class style, with high-gloss polished aluminum finish in quite a few chromatic color options. And the mc5 offers the most productive durability and warranty in its class, incorporating a Kevlar-reinforced cable, and user-replaceable filters that give protection to the moving coil motive force – and it comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. Purchase includes mc5 earphones, zipper storage pouch, shirt clip, an assortment of eartips, filter removal tool and extra filters.






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