RME Babyface Pro 24-Channel 192 kHz USB Bus-Powered Audio Interface


If you will redesign a well-liked product, you’d better make it undeniably superior to the original. RME’s Babyface Pro audio interface does just that. With a number of the same features as the original Babyface, the Babyface Pro will provide you with an incredibly versatile array of 24 different I/O in a sleek, and compact desktop unit. And the bits and bobs are integrated directly into the unit itself. No more will you be trying to track down your breakout cables to get access to all the features. And though you have the same regulate of RME’s TotalMix software mixer, you’ll now regulate your levels, sub-mixes, and gain stages directly on the cleanly laid-out faceplate user interface. Such a lot power, such a lot of options, so straight forward: The RME Babyface Pro.


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