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Review: Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Groove Production Studio

Maschine hit the ground running with its first release a few years ago. Many long time hardware only producers made the switch to a truly.. well almost truly standalone production studio. Maschines are a very sophisticated MIDI controller but really they are much more. With built in effects, sounds and controls you do not need your computer to even be open to produce a track from start to finish. Below are our top three favorite features of the Maschine.

Ease of use:

Anyone with some software or hardware production knowledge can jump right in a make a track with little learning curve. Even if you are not comfortable using the pads the built in step editor can suffice for quantization help etc. Sequencing patterns together is easier than most software production programs and much more intuitive than most hardware production studios.

Quality of sounds:

Native instruments has a long history of providing quality sample sounds with their devices. The maschine is no different. I personally have produced a song that later found its way onto an indie hip hop album with just using the stock sounds due to lack of internet connection.

Old school grit with new school tech:

Hip hop producers will love the sounds effects built in. You can get the gritty Akai MPC style sound with built in compression effects. You can also get that vintage MPC swing effect with your drums to give listeners a more realistic unquantized drum loop.

All in all Maschine would be a solid addition producer’s setup.

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