hardware vs. software music production

Opinion: Hardware vs. Software Music Production

The old, often contentious debate: Hardware vs. Software production. In the music industry there is always a debate with producers on which is better. Some swear by the warm analog sound while some love the manipulative abilities of modern software production suites.

For new producers just learning their craft they often have to make decision worth a lot of money right off the bat. Should they go straight into modern producing with software programs or do they want to “learn the hard way” with hardware. While it isn’t quite as simple as easy vs. hard there are so many differences that it can seem like an impossible comparison. Below are the advantages of both setups that might help you decide between the two or change your mind on which is better:


  • The idea that you are actually creating music rather than pushing buttons
  • More natural and warm sound
  • Easier to sample low end
  • Less presets so you have to know how to mix correctly


  • Often much lower startup cost if you already have a computer capable of running the necessary software
  • Constant upgrades
  • More presets and easier to integrate more sounds rather than buy additional instruments
  • Lots of online tutorials

So in conclusion hardware may be a better option for already experienced producers looking for a warmer sound. Software is a great option for beginners and more advanced producers that need to work with multiple sounds in a more streamlined setup.

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